100,000 dead. “We truly did everything we could”. REALLY?

With 100,000 Covid deaths, Journalists better mention that Boris Johnson:

Feb 2020
Said he wanted UK to have the loosest reaction to Coronavirus.
Skipped 5 Cobra Meetings.

March 2020
Told people to shake hands
Allowed mass crowds

May 2020
Denied the Stay Home order existed to save Cummings

Image by Sadie Parker

This was a #DowningStreetBriefing SPECIFICALLY on how we ended up at 100,000 Covid deaths!
None of you journalists mentioned this!?!

NONE OF YOU mentioned this!?

None of you mentioned this!!!

We gave our Doctors expired PPE FOR F***S SAKE!
And none of you thought you should mention that!!

This was AFTER the NHS warned in 2016 it wouldn’t cope with a pandemic, e.g. not enough PPE in 2016….

Yet our government spent the next 4 years buying fridges and portable toilets for a No-Deal that never happened!

The government prioritised spending money on increasing infection instead of supporting businesses to revamp their ventilation while their shops were closed in March/April/May.

We gained the highest death rate on the planet because of infection that occurred over Christmas…

You faced a PM who, compared with others, is guilty of gross negligence mass-slaughter, with over 100,000 Covid deaths.
He called his OWN TRIAL FOR YOU, but you didn’t even try to establish causation!

Originally tweeted by Femi😷 (@Femi_Sorry) on 26/01/2021.