80 ministerial resignations or sackings in 2022 and 3 prime ministers: we need a general election NOW

‘Democracymeter’ after 60 minutes in Conservative Newton Abbot

Does anyone honestly believe that this shambles of a government has any democratic legitimacy right now? Has Rishi Sunak given any indication that he is upholding his promise to deliver a government of ‘integrity, professionalism and accountability?

Gavin Williamson…known bully and enforcer via blackmail techniques. Sacked on not one but TWO previous occasions by earlier prime ministers and now resigning under Sunak as his behaviour (which many already knew about) was exposed for all to see. Integrity? Really?

Suella Braverman, forced to resign under Truss for breaking the rules. Re-instated after six days. Hideous policies decried by people on her own party. Refuses to attend parliament to answer specific questions on Manston detention centre and Home Office policy and function. Integrity? Professionalism? ACCOUNTABILITY?

And Rishi himself… wife’s family firm STILL doing business in Russia. Claims to be a green champion but takes thousands of pounds in donations from fossil fuel companies. Wasn’t going to COP27 but then did…because Boris Johnson might overshadow him with his ‘I’m-the-spirit-of-Glasgow-look-at-me’ stunt? Says the state can’t fix the problems Brexit and his party created.

And a budget looming. A budget of cuts and taxes to try to fill the crater left in the economy by the reckless ideologues, Truss and Kwarteng.

There’s more, of course. But do YOU think they have a mandate to continue this mayhem?

Put it to the people. General election. Now. And then electoral reform. We can’t go on like this.