A plea to Keir Starmer for electoral reform – letter to the editor

Photo by Rwendland Wikimedia Commons

Dear Keir Starmer

I hear that you are now not going to support the introduction of real, meaningful electoral reform in the form of proportional representation.

Have you forgotten 2019? The Tories completely played a broken, undemocratic and unrepresentative first past the post system and pretended it was a “second referendum” on Brexit. This has led us to the complete disaster of a hard Brexit against the majority will.

56.4 percent of those who voted in the 2019 election voted against the Right and against Brexit. They were totally ignored by the current system, which delivered the Conservative party a massive majority on a minority vote. The Conservative government has completely destroyed the UK in the past four years! Brexit has also made us all significantly poorer and less influential in the world.

Also, have you forgotten that first-past-the-post has consistently given us more Conservative governments than Labour governments since the 1940s ? Can you honestly say that this has been good for the country? All of the issues we currently have stem from having too many right-wing governments and too few with a more socialist agenda. Look at the state of the NHS and other public services!

You need to change stance on this matter! You are letting the country down. You also need to decide whether you want to be a great leader like Attlee or a divisive, unfair leader like Thatcher. The country needs Attlee’s policies: spending and investing in the people right now; not more Thatcherite policies that deliver OUR money into private, already wealthy hands! 

Many of us progressives cannot in any good conscience vote for you if you don’t start to be different from the Tories in a significant way! 

Carl Garner