Anthems for change: album launch at Ashburton Arts Centre, 7 December

On 12 December 2022, wealthy landowner and hedge fund manager, Alexander Darwall and his wife, brought a case to the High Court to overturn the enshrined right to wild camp on Dartmoor National Park – the only place in England and Wales where it was legal. In January, he appeared to have won, but his victory was short-lived. His mean-spirited action served to galvanise an army of passionate campaigners and spurred Dartmoor National Park into lodging an appeal.

July saw Dartmoor and its champions emerge triumphant and even more determined to ensure that access to nature is not the preserve of a privileged few.

The campaign was energised by creative spirits like Kimwei and fellow musicians Chris Dance, Lisa Rowe and Anita Clarinet, who created the soundtrack for the fierce defence of the landscape, the climate and our precious connection to the earth.

‘Book your tickets now to come and see our first ever complete live set, including all the songs you know and love, and more! We have literally never played all our songs on the same night and we’re SO looking forward to sharing them with you.

‘It means so much to us to be launching our album at Ashburton Arts Centre, on the very edge of Dartmoor, as a band born in Right To Roam. We so hope that as many of you as possible can make it!

Anthems For Change is a Kickstarter-funded album – thank you to all backers!’


Notable backers and supporters include: Chris Packham, George Monbiot, Guy Shrubsole & Lewis Winks (Right To Roam), Mark Chadwick (The Levellers), Rev Hammer, Mark Mylod (Succession), Gail Bradbrook & Clare Farrell (Extinction Rebellion co-founders), Rob & Emma Hopkins (Transition Towns), Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics), Matt Black (Coldcut / Ninja Tune), Dr Emily Grossman (Scientists For Extinction Rebellion co-founder), Kate Smurthwaite (comedian and activist), Chloe Naldrett, Greta Stoddart, Prof Richard Betts MBE (University of Exeter), Anthea Lawson (The Entangled Activist)

You can experience for yourself some of that energy which helped power protest in the weeks and months following Darwall’s hollow victory. Come along on Thursday 7 December for the launch of ‘Anthems for Change‘. It’ll be a great gig, full of love, hope and defiance!

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