BBC’s desperate efforts to airbrush out Brexit – here’s the damning evidence: UPDATED with BylineTV footage

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Eagle-eyed viewers and journalists have identified the BBC’s desperate efforts to avoid according any blame to Brexit for the dire consequences for importers and exporters up and down the land and the knock on effect on inflation.

Here’s a BBC interview with a fish wholesaler that went viral yesterday, tweeted by Bylines Network director, Dr Mike Galsworthy and the version the BBC put out on the 6pm news (under what influence, we wonder?): :

Et voila! The very clear Brexit reference has gone, and we’ve lost the complete truth behind the story! And, as retired lawyer Fionna O’Leary wrote:

This is the reverse of good journalism & is not in keeping with @BBCNews charter

“To act in the public interest, serving all audiences with impartial, high-quality and distinctive media content and services that inform, educate and entertain”

It is actively serving to deceive

This is the BBC Charter.

Where is Ofcom in all of this. The person who has expertise in buying fish wholesale says it is Brexit that has caused a nearly five fold inflation in costs of a container of the same types of fish.

BBC edits it out.

It is even affecting fish we catch in U.K. waters according to the fishing industry.

How can we solve problems if we do not identify them accurately. And how is the BBC serving the public interest or complying with its charter by covering it up?

I’d add, in response to a comment, that the very sarcastic tone of “Of course it has NOTHING to do with Brexit” IS a key part of the story as it reflects the anger of those whose businesses are affected at the deceit at covering up & misattributing the causes of their hardship

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BBC Brexit bias

OK. So today the BBC has actually had to cover a story where Brexit is blamed fair and square for the explosion in red tape making business in France impossible for Marks and Spencer:

It does not help the UK at all to have its politicians and mainstream media pretending that Brexit has not been a disaster. It does not help us if we are conned into believing the Brexit fantasy is alive and well, just as it does not help to be told that the pandemic is, effectively, over. Neither is true. Neither delusion helps us to face up to the reality and enormity of the challenges that face us as a consequence of this government’s actions.

Come on, BBC News. We know your upper echelons have been stuffed with Conservative-linked, Brexit-adoring apparatchiks, but please just tell us the truth!