“Breaking the rules and then changing them to suit yourself is not acceptable” – letter to Sheryll Murray

Dear Sheryll

Boris Johnson has again proven his unsuitability for office.

Having first lied about breaking the law during Covid lockdowns, followed by breaking the ministerial code when actively lying about it in parliament, he has now changed the ministerial code so that lying and lack of morality is no longer a resignation offence. 

No one person should wield the power to decide who has to resign. As someone who has to abide by the rules set by my professional body in order to practise, I am disgusted at this completely disgraceful act.

If I break the law I will be investigated, sanctioned and, in the worst case scenario, struck off and banned from practice for life.

I expect my elected officials to be held to the same standard by an independent and fair body – not by a man who has no morality, no agenda other than his own gratification and who has failed at every job he has ever held. He is a man who is now doing nothing more than desperately clinging to power to do maximum damage to the country that I love.

If this was the leader of some tin pot dictatorship doing the same our governments of the past would rightly be condemning them. Why, then, do you feel it acceptable for us to be subjected to this?

Even you, with your blind loyalty, must see that this is undemocratic and very dangerous for our democracy. You make bold claims to be patriotic and to care about south east Cornwall, but your actions and voting record tell a very different story.

You appear often with Union flags and yet supporting this dangerous undemocratic and unsuitable man as prime minister is about as unpatriotic as it’s possible to get.

Please develop some kind of moral compass and do the right thing for this country by finally calling  for this disgrace of a prime minister, who no longer holds the support of the majority of this country, to resign. 

I would ask for a thought-out reply to this letter, please; not your usual unhelpful copy and paste replies. This is of great concern to myself and many others. 

Kind regards,

Carl Garner