Brexit caused the small boat crisis and this government is weaponising it with all their might

Thom Brooks, Professor of Law and Government at Durham Law School, has written a report spelling out the truth about the appalling mismanagement of Brexit by this government in the context of the small boats crisis. Set aside for a moment that Brexit is intrinsically disastrous, you could be forgiven for expecting its slavish, zealous cultist proponents and supporters to at least implement the blasted thing as efficiently and safely as possible.

But, just as the likes of David Davis rocked up to negotiations without any paperwork, and Johnson barely has the attention span to read a tweet, let alone a treaty and given that Brexit was always about a populist agenda entirely rooted in divisive sentiment, ignorance and a desire to slash and burn anything and everything with any connection to the EU, however beneficial to us, it is perhaps no surprise that nobody in this useless government bothered to consider the need to secure a returns agreement to replace the Dublin III regulation.

What’s that, you ask? I’ll let Thom explain, and the wonderful Peter Stefanovic can make it even more accessible. When you have read and watched, you will be better informed than those paid a small fortune to ‘govern’ us and protect the national interest. But before you do, consider why this bunch of klepto-fascists should feel comfortable with such a mess of their own making? Could it be that they desperately need an enemy to loathe? Dog whistles to blow? A nice rich source of hatred to mine for their racist, xenophobic fan club and to fuel their direction of travel to a fascist, corporatist dictatorship?

Of course, none of what’s happening in the UK is the Conservatives’ fault. Nothing is ever their fault. In fact, our every woe can and must be pinned on the small boat crisis. People fleeing war, oppression, violence, discrimination and starvation are the reason prices have rocketed, the NHS has collapsed and nobody can afford to buy or rent a house. Never mind that the Tories forced Brexit through on a dodgy referendum and have used their thirteen years in power to enrich themselves and their friends and loot and destroy the country. Never mind that there are NO legal routes to reach this country except, allegedly, for Afghans, Syrians and Ukrainians!

Anyway, enough with the fury. Here are the facts:

Make no mistake. The Conservatives are weaponising this issue to justify their entirely venal and corrupt desire to leave the European Convention on Human Rights. Combine leaving the ECHR with the REUL bill, which bins regulations and protections for people and planet and Raab’s dire Human Rights Bill, and the result will be that your rights and mine will be eroded and freedom given to the exploiters and despoilers of the planet to finish us off.

“How a society treats its most vulnerable is always the measure of its humanity.”

Statement by Ambassador Matthew Rycroft of the UK Mission to the UN at the Security Council Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict.

How much humanity has this government got, do you think?

This incarnation of the Conservative party needs an enemy. The chummy right wing media needs an enemy. It’s all they’ve got. For this, and so many other reasons, the Conservatives cannot, under any circumstance, be given another term in office.