Calling all tractor enthusiasts! Conservatives desperate for a candidate to beat the LibDems in Tiverton and Honiton…

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Well, well! The ConservativeHome website makes for a fascinating visit. It seems applications are now open for a candidate to replace disgraced former MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Neil Parish, in the upcoming by-election. Anyone interested in standing needs to apply by 18 May.

William Atkinson, the site’s assistant editor, writes:

“Though traditionally safe, the voters of Tiverton and Honiton are apparently not best pleased with Government at the moment. Anyone wishing to prevent a Lib Dem victory, please apply – even if you are in the House of Lords.”

The HoL hint has prompted comments from readers of the post to exhort Lord Frost, the man who has forgotten that he ‘negotiated’ the oven-ready Brexit deal (albeit without ever reading or understanding the ingredients list) to stand in this assumed-to-be-safe seat. But it also elicited this insightful response from someone not so enamoured of the amnesiac Lord:

“This man, responsible for the impasse and present blockage in Northern Ireland, willingly accepted a peerage to become a member of The House of Lords. It would surely be the height of cynicism and political manipulative opportunism if he was now allowed to renounce this to again become a commoner. It is these types of manipulations and skullduggery which have led all those in public life in general, and the Conservative Party under its present leadership in particular, to be held in such contempt by the general population.”

Well said, sir!

The Frost fans will have none of it. Frostie is apparently well within his rights to renounce and stand, especially as he is seen as someone to get the party back on track with its agenda of alienating allies and destroying the Union.

The fly in the ointment is that Neil Parish allegedly intends to stand again himself – as an independent. As one justifiably cynical observer points out, were he to win, Johnson would probably have no scruple or hesitation in re-admitting him to the Tory fold.

It would be nice to think that Mr Parish would keep dishing it to the government on its execrable trade deals and betrayal of farmers and fishers, not to mention its careless disregard for food and animal welfare standards IF, and it’s a big if, he were to hang on to his seat. It might have been Mr Parish’s dogged arsiness and refusal to drink the Brexit Kool-aid that did for him in the first place and we’re told that Johnson never forgives – which is mighty strange since he very often (conveniently) forgets…!

What larks!

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