Clear and present danger – letter to the editor

Meme by Anthea Bareham

Dear Editor,

What is happening to our nation when MPs need bodyguards?  What are the influences that have created such an unprecedented decline in what we are told by some is still a world-leading democracy?  Yes, we must acknowledge that the mainstream press and TV and social media have played a deeply significant role in threatening the foundations of our society (as has our own tolerance and complicity in what we are prepared to watch on our screens). But what is our government, in power since 2010, doing to control the crisis of trust facing us? Their response appears simply to tolerate or even indulge the Tory “extremists”. Is it not time that rank and file Conservative MPs started to show some moral fibre, even if their leaders will not? 

Nine of the 1twelve constituencies in Devon are held by Tories, as are all six of the Cornish seats. Shouldn’t these MPs, perhaps led by Mel Stride  (Central Devon and the most influential of these) be doing something to give us hope against the onslaught on truth and trust from the manipulators and gaslighters? Are they prepared to see the so-called “natural party of government” become a vehicle on which the advocates of extremism and racism, who clearly wish to divide our society, hitch a ride?                                                                                                                                                                                                   Why cannot these “normal” politicians see that tolerating such divisiveness is not only tearing their party apart but means that all the sacrifices that have been and will be made “to get Brexit done” (the lie on the basis of which they won so much power) will provide no advantages whatsoever. We “escaped” from the so-called “monstrous Brussels dictatorship” to face verbal thuggery and probably blood on the streets – reminiscent not only of Italy and Germany in the 1930s, but of  Sir(!) Oswald Moseley’s Blackshirts in this country.

Why was Gary Lineker so harshly criticised months ago for drawing our attention to the language being used by leading members of the Tory Party when, in fact, he had simply had the courage to warn us of the dangers that are now, day by day, becoming more evident.

Is this analysis too negative? 


Examples of Tory acceptance of  extreme views are multiplying. On U.S. TV, Liz Truss, the 45-day-PM, faces an interviewer who states that Tommy Robinson, the anti-democratic rabble rouser guilty of assault, fraud, stalking and jailed for contempt of court, is “a hero”. Liz says nothing.

Suella Braverman, formerly Home Secretary (third most important job in the government) says that “Islamists (Islamic extremists) are running Britain” (!). Even the kids in the local primary school know what a lie this is, yet the Deputy PM, Oliver Dowden, says that Braverman “hasn’t crossed a line”. 

30p Lee Anderson, the Tory MP who claimed that you could cook a  meal for 30p, recently stated that Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London, had “given the city to his mates” – a meaningless but racist statement. 

What has Rishi Sunak done to show that he controls his Party? So far, nothing. It’s been the Chief Whip who has pushed Anderson out of the Tory Party.  And to cap it all, Braverman says that “British values are being diluted” by the citizens whose presence here she objects to.

In fact, the British values of truth, honesty, tolerance, community and respect for others are being diluted by these recklessly outspoken, manipulative and dangerous “politicians”, who set the agenda for our political discourse. They leave aside the real issues facing  us all: the continuing cost of living crisis (One million British kids  are destitute), the NHS crisis (7.7 million of us waiting for appointments), the schools crisis (95 per cent face teacher recruitment problems). Are we to be led into further depths of hatred and suspicion of “other” British citizens when a little clear thinking shows us that this “rule by dishonesty” has nothing positive to give us?

The  moderate Tory MPs have sold their souls and what was formerly a proud Party into the hands of an incalculably dangerous few.

Jeremy Hall 


[full address supplied]