Constituent asks Derek Thomas MP “How much more of this can you take?”

Dear Derek,

I’m really not sure how much more of this you and your colleagues can take.

I know you entered politics to help people, to change society for the better, to make a difference. And at a local level you appear to be succeeding, albeit up against 12 years of austerity and economic and social carnage wreaked upon our country by the government of the day.

And I know you’re not alone in dedicating your life to this most noble of aims.

How it must feel to have the very ground pulled from under your feet by your cabinet, your high-ranking ministers, and most of all by your Prime Minister!

The endless succession of MPs sent out by Party Central to lie for your leader – to claim he didn’t do what he did, wasn’t where he was, and isn’t guilty of what he’s guilty of – is both demeaning and Pythonesque in its insanity.

The knots they tie themselves up in, the holes they dig for themselves and their political futures: it’s really quite astonishing!

And Mr Johnson himself?

He broke the law. He must resign. If he doesn’t, which seems certain, he shows himself to be without honour.

Without decency.

Without a moral compass.

Without the slightest trace of conscience.

He should go into politics!

I’m sure you’ll have seen the tweet illustrating exactly how many times we’ve changed PM in wartime, right back to the Peninsula Wars in the C17th.

Four times during the last Afghan war, even.

It’s a pretty long list. There really is precedent.

So. Can he count on your support? Can you continue to support a party that supports him?

He tells lies. Something we were told not to do in primary school.

Well – you and I were, anyway.

How would you, my representative in Parliament, vote in a vote of no confidence?

Are you as furious as I am, and as the great majority of people in this country are?

Will you stand at the next election, knowing how irredeemably rotten the heart of your party has been shown to be?

Please Derek, read the room.

Hear the people.

Do your duty.

Mr Johnson must go!

Yours, with great concern,