Don’t miss the Byline Festival Friday 14 July 1pm to Sunday 16 July 3pm! We’ll be there!

The Great Hall, Dartington. Photo by Tom Joliffe Wikimedia Commons

The fifth Byline Festival comes to Devon!

You’ve read their articles, seen them on TV, applauded their values and their bravery in speaking out, and now you can see and hear them in the flesh! Some of the biggest names in the progressive media feature in the Byline Festival line-up, including:

Carole Cadwalladr; George Monbiot; Alexandra Hall Hall; Bonnie Greer OBE; Peter Oborne; Rosie Holt; John Sweeney; Otto English; Dawn Butler MP; Peter Jukes; Lord Victor Adebowale; Marina Purkiss; Jemma Forte; Adam Bienkov and more. Check it out here.

Unbound will also be running a series of literary events and book signings.

Dartington Hall is gorgeous (and we know because we are based 15 minutes away!) and after the dreadful years of attacks on democracy, growing corruption, and the resurgence of the far-right, (not to mention Brexit) we can think of nothing better than to be in a beautiful, bucolic location surrounded by kindred spirits and champions of democracy, social justice and the planet. Glastonbury (without the mud) for the proud-to-be-woke brigade!

There won’t just be stimulation for the mind or the release that comes from laughter at political satire. Saturday night will feature a ceilidh: a real chance to let our hair down. Oh, and lots of excellent food and drink, much of it locally-sourced.

West Country Voices will have a large room in the grounds where you can come and meet us and chill. We will be running a number of events including ‘Could you be a citizen journalist?‘ and ‘Beyond tactical voting: introducing the progressive primary model and South Devon Primary‘. Jim Funnell will be presenting a son-et-lumiere reading of his book, Brixham Chimes and we hope to present an important film on phosphates. Guy and Geetie Singh-Watson will be giving a talk on ethical business. Timings and location tbc. Please subscribe to our emails to receive updates.

As a reader., you are also entitled to an exclusive discount on the ticket price. People with a TQ9 (local) postcode get the same discounted rate but our voucher, WCV30OFF, cannot be applied on top. If you are NT local, simply choose the £100 regular ticket and then apply the voucher WCV30OFF. Earlybird tickets end 30 April, so get a wiggle on!

Click here for more information on camping and accommodation, plus how to get there. Lovely train journey from Exeter to Totnes…don’t miss it!