“Every Tory Party local building should be draped in black to hide the shame” letter to the editor

“Let him get on with the job…he’s a breath of fresh air”

The political sections of our national media (TV, radio, newspapers, social media) are now dominated by one topic: how much the PM knew about the behaviour of Chris Pincher MP when he, Johnson, appointed Pincher as Deputy Whip.

If we the UK voters say it’s only a topic for the Westminster journalists we are lying to ourselves.  How much of the “working” day of our PM, his ministers and our MPs is now devoted to discussing and analysing both the word “lying”, and the behaviour of the PM and his colleagues in “dealing” with the effects of “lying”?

We, the voters, can choose who we want to lead our country. If we say “they are all the same” we are lying to ourselves because there are many honest principled politicians who aim to improve our community.

If we say “it doesn’t matter about the morality of the PM.” we are saying that morality doesn’t matter to us.

If we are still saying “let him get on with the job” we are accepting that his and our Government’s job is predominantly to manoeuvre words in whispered conversations in corners about the meaning of “did” and “didn’t”.

If we ignore all of this we are saying that it doesn’t matter what other countries think now about “Great” in our national title.

If we say “it makes no difference to me” we are saying that if our leader is a toff that’s the only qualification that he needs; that his using Latin phrases makes him a leader and that his talking to the Confederation of British Industry about Peppa Pig is proof that he deserves his job.

Do we agree that the only things that he has brought to British politics are something called “Boosterism” and secondly a reduction of government leadership to one aim: that “the Big Dog” (they actually call him that) should stay dominant in our national decision-making process, a process that we have allowed them to turn into something like prep school playground plots?

Why do we let Tory MPs, or those who are members of the Tory Party, tell us that the nation is in good hands?

I want to be able to tell my kids and grandchildren that my generation, at long last, had sufficient self-worth to say enough is enough. We should refuse to believe that the Tory Party is “the natural party of government”. Whether we write to our MPs or not, all of us should demand an election as soon as possible, so that we can clear out the Party who knew about this man’s character when he was mayor of London but who still chose him as their Party leader. Until very recently, very few Tory MPs have had the courage and the decency to be honest.

We deserve to get him and them out. And every Tory Party local building should be draped in black in an attempt to hide the shame of those inside who chose him because “he was a breath of fresh air”.

Jeremy Hall

Crockernwell, Exeter