Food for thought – a new film from Cornwall on the climate impact of livestock farming

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

A new farming documentary launches on 5 January 2023 at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, taking a ‘behind the headlines’ look at the claims around the climate impact of livestock farming – and what this means for Cornwall. Food for Thought – the latest film from charity Cornwall Climate Care ( – is presented by organic farmer Lisa Guy, who farms a herd of beef cattle near Land’s End, Cornwall.

In the film, Lisa looks at the more nuanced picture of whether pasture-fed Cornish animals have the same climate impact as intensively reared cattle, fed on soya grown in what might recently have been Amazonian rainforest.

The film also looks in-depth at local initiatives to reduce livestock-related emissions, such as satellite systems expertise being used to convert gases from cattle waste into a green fuel and an experimental dairy unit using novel feeds including spent brewing grains and broken biscuits – as well as the regenerative livestock techniques that could play an important role in fighting climate change by maintaining the health of the soil, one of the world’s largest carbon sinks.

Cornwall’s Climate Stories is a series of 12 documentaries being produced over the next few years, looking at various issues around climate change right here in Cornwall – how it is going to impact us and the inspiring stories of what local people are doing to address these challenges. A follow-up film, Hungry for Change, coming in the Spring, will look more closely at issues such as food waste, food miles, and what Cornwall could do to produce much more of its own food. In some venues, screening alongside Food for Thought is the recent film Down the Drain (in association with Cornwall Catchment Partnership) which delves deeply into issues around climate change and Cornwall’s freshwater. 

Multiple preview screenings are taking place , along with Q&A from the filmmakers and some of the participants, on the following dates so click below to book your screening. Alternatively, the filmmakers can be contacted to discuss organising screenings in your communities and organisations – full details are below: Please watch the trailer here:

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5th January 2023

Screening at ORFC – Oxford Real Farming Conference, Museum Makers Space @ 13:00-14:00

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The film will be freely available on the Cornwall Climate Care website ( ) or on our Youtube channel from early February 2023.

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