Government now overtly blocking action to avert climate catastrophe: the evidence

Sunak on a plane en route to G7 in Japan Photo Number 10 Creative Commons 2.0

Here’s the evidence that the UK Gov is now overtly blocking the action needed to avoid climate catastrophe. What have I missed?

Despite crystal clear science that the world already has enough fossil fuels to last until 2050, and to surge well past 1.5°C leading to catastrophic damage…

…the UK gives huge tax rebates to fossil companies, but only for new oil and gas, not renewables (hard to believe isn’t it🤯)…

….and still props up damaging fossil fuels with £10bn in subsidies every year, making it harder for renewables to compete – even though they’re cheaper

The UK is promising £ billions to oil companies (proven to have lied time and again) for blue hydrogen, made from methane and worse for climate than burning coal, and for Direct Air Capture which will cause roughly as much CO₂ to be emitted as it removes. Only after we reach net zero can DACCS theoretically work to lower atmospheric CO₂ levels.

And there’s money for Bioenergy with unproven Carbon Capture & Storage (BEuCCS), also worse than coal, and hugely damaging to nature and to the air we breathe.

And Government ignores the obvious action of cutting waste, failing to re-establish the insulation drive they killed off in 2013, and leaving us with the leakiest homes in Europe, and keeping us dutifully consuming lots of gas…

… whilst stamping down on peaceful science-based objection with draconian laws actually drafted by an oil-funded lobby group!

And all despite overwhelming evidence that the action needed to save us will actually benefit us hugely.