Happy first birthday, Dorchester Euro Café!

copyright the author, Rachel Lawrence

People who love Europe and who believe that the UK should re-join the European Union celebrated the first anniversary of Dorchester Euro Café on February 24, 2024, with birthday cake, coffee and conversation.

Dorchester Euro Café started as a one-off event in February 2023, but attendance was so good it has continued as a regular, monthly event.

Rachel Lawrence, who organises Dorchester Euro Café in partnership with Dorset for Europe, said: “People from right across Dorset come along to the Euro Café. They tell us that it feels great to meet up with people who share their conviction that the UK belongs in the EU.”

Rachel said:

“It’s a year on from our first Dorchester Euro Café and the catastrophic impacts of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on people in Dorset are becoming ever clearer.”

“The barriers to trade created by Brexit, and to the free movement of people, have made life much harder for everyone.

“The post-Brexit border checks finally introduced in January are adding to farmers’ woes, with UK exports of beef and pork down by more than 20 per cent. The retail and hospitality sectors are finding it harder to recruit and retain workers, whilst social care providers now have to pay to sponsor much-needed workers from overseas, including people from the EU who would previously have come to the UK under their own steam.”

Dorchester Euro Café usually meets between 3pm and 5pm on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Vivo Lounge at Brewery Square in Dorchester.

In a change from the regular schedule, however, to coincide with the national ‘Day for Rejoin’, group members are planning a street stall instead in South Street Dorchester on Saturday 23 March, and the next Dorchester Euro Café will take place 3 to 5pm on Saturday April 27 2024. Do come and join us!