Hello South West Water! No more poo, please!

Having noticed the increase in sewage smells in their bay, Jovi and Sonny send a message to local water company, South West Water, to clean up their act.

In 2021, South West Water intentionally discharged 680 hours of sewage into the River Lim – the equivalent to the whole month of February, 24 hours a day. The River Lim flows into Lyme Bay which is a marine protected area. Lyme Regis is a designated world heritage site and area of outstanding natural beauty.

Jovi and Sonny are asking the public to demand a change in the law and ensure water companies are required to better protect our marine environments.

River Action UK reported that the UK is home to some of the worst polluted rivers in Europe. 

Thank you to the River Lim Monitors who volunteer to monitor our water quality in Lyme Regis.