“I fully expected the crocodile tears” – letter to the editor

Dear West Country Voices,

I have, like many others, just watched Prime Minister’s Questions.

Wow! What a farce. Brian Rix (apologies to younger readers) would be turning in his grave.

So our PM just happened across a ‘work gathering” in his garden, failed to notice bottles of booze and food laid out and assumed it was part of a normal working day, albeit after working hours? Sounds reasonable. His then girlfriend went as well.

I clearly remember that at about that time I walked our dog most days in the hills surrounding our home in Swimbridge. Oné day I met a couple of friends, one a vet and the other a GP colleague of my wife. We paused to chat for a few seconds and then the GP said ‘Ýou know that technically we are breaking the law, as there are three of us” We laughed but immediately carried on in different directions. 

I fully expected the crocodile tears of Johnson, an apparent apology and hoping to get through the day, at the same time probably delaying the report.

It was very significant that the Paymaster General (hardly a Witchfinder General) had suggested the previous day that a possible police enquiry would delay the Gray report. We can expect that to happen followed by ‘no further action‘ from the Met.

Partygate will go on, Wallpapergate is not over yet. Johnson’s biggest gate is still Gatewaygate.  Some of us remember when the UK was seen by most as the gateway to Europe. He has closed that one through Brexit.

What a (and I can think of no better word, apologies) tosser.

Ian Jacques