“I want Johnson thrown out of office.” Letter to the editor

Dear West Country Voices,

Every day, sometimes two or three times a day, allegations arise that should trigger the immediate resignation of the man that the electorate chose to be the Prime Minister.

I say the electorate chose, but actually the initial choice of leader, was made  by the Conservative party membership and those sitting Conservative MPs at the time. This was aided by a right wing press whose ownership is dominated by dodgy billionaires and institutions who need a right wing puppet government in place for their own ends.

There then followed a general election where the choice was, in many people’s minds, stark. Put frankly, ”anyone but Corbyn.” By all accounts the public were fed up with the wrangling over leaving the EU and just wanted an end to the Brexit saga, thus we were landed with Johnson.

Now, all of this Partygate, WallpaperGate, Muslimgate is absolutely disgusting and mainly the fault of the buffoon that we, the public, elected. His many faults, lies and mistakes had been covered in great detail prior to the election and so it could be said that we knew what we were getting.

I can see that he will lie, wriggle and break from any unwritten code of behaviour that has bound parliament together for centuries. Frankly he will go, maybe not this week or month, but he will go.

Now, I don’t want him to go on a technicality. Al Capone was chased by Elliot Ness, himself a civil servant like Sue Gray. Capone went to prison, only not for murder, or bootlegging or bribing the police, but for tax evasion.

I want Johnson to be thrown out for his total mismanagement of Covid-19 leading to the highest death rate in Europe.
I want him thrown out for leading the lie-strewn Brexit campaign that has been the single biggest act of self harm to any country for hundreds of years.
I want him thrown out for awarding peerages to his mates in return for donations.
I want him thrown out for making our country a laughing stock around the world.

The problem is all the likely candidates to take over are in power because of him, chosen by him and, frankly, tribute acts to him.

Now that, seemingly, all Covid restrictions have been relaxed (as a result of Johnson pandering to the ERG/CRG) there is no reason why hundreds of thousands of us cannot meet in central London on a regular basis and demand change.

Change could be a government of National Unity, put in place to handle the problems we have today. They could modernise our electoral process, bring in some form of proportional representation and then have an election which would bring in a government that reflects the wills of all of the people.

Maybe even re-join the EU…

Stop press: Now that the MET has been brought in it seems that the barb on the hook has been removed! Good news for Ms Gray. She can release an even more redacted report pushing responsibility to Cressida Dick. Ms Dick, no stranger to whitewashing, can now give Boris many more weeks of ‘must wait for the police report’ before keeping her job by finding nothing to warrant prosecution.
I would go and glue myself to that spinning sign outside Scotland Yard as, thankfully for me and Bostik, that is still not against the law, despite Patel’s best efforts. (I would point out that other brands of glue are available.)

Ian Jacques