‘I’m alright, Jack.’ Letter to the editor

‘I’m alright, Jack.’ : a remark indicating smug and complacent selfishness.’ Collins Dictionary

Most people will associate this saying with the 1959 film by the Boulting brothers, which highlighted the enormous gap between management and workers, upper and lower class folk. It is a comedy with a very strong message and well worth a view to see how little has changed in 60 odd years.

This week we have had our attention drawn to the likelihood that Boris Johnson really did not want to leave the EU, but saw his campaign as the route to become Prime Minister. I’m alright, Jack!

Liz Truss left her ‘grace and favour’ country house, Chevening, with a large unpaid bill for, amongst other things, bathrobes, before going on to wreck the economy and protect her dividends on her shares in the oil industry. I’m alright, Jack!

Rishi Sunak thought it OK to maintain a green card, have his wife retain non-dom status, introduce a policy to aid one of his wife’s company investments and to allow a government grant of some £350,000 to another. I’m alright, Jack!

Shareholders in water companies seem content to take billions in dividends from companies ruining our rivers, waterways and beaches; not to mention their CEOs receiving hundreds of thousands in salary and bonuses. I’m alright, Jack!

In the meantime, millions of working people use food banks, can’t afford their energy bills and have to put up with the highest inflation of any major economy. They are ‘not alright, Jack!

We have the most dishonest, incompetent and cruel government in living memory. Maybe this week’s local elections will let ‘Jack’ (and Jill!) have their say.

Ian Jacques