Impossible things

By Mr Rushforth with apologies to John Tenniel

The reserved Mr Rushforth is not the kind of person to blazon such things abroad, but his index finger is worn down to a stub and he is otherwise entirely used up and depleted, for he has been doing Liz Truss all week long.

Mindful of her incipient pre-eminence to World Leader (as selflessly appointed by dutiful Conservative Party Members, the length and breadth of the country, on behalf of the listless, concupiscent mass of the British people), our conscientious caricaturist has been rubbing his iPad down to the chip in what he fears may have been a vain attempt to capture, once and for all, the unique personality of our striking, Sunak-baiting Prime Minister-in-waiting.

In the end, the by now, wretched Rushforth was obliged to turn to an earlier and more illustrious illustrator than he for inspiration and to his own depiction of a fittingly regal figure from one of English literature’s great classics; to whit, Alice Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

It is perhaps ironic that Ms Truss, like her predecessors, May and Cameron, did not believe in Breakfast at all and that the esteemed individual that she replaces, though he got Breakfast done, did not always believe in it either. Rest assured, people of Britain, with the plucky ex-Minister for Pork Markets in the top job, we are at last assured of Breakfast and we shall have jam tomorrow, for the gracious Truss is so gifted with the greatest dexterity of mind, that her imagination is now completely filled up with more impossible ideas than Kelloggs have cornflakes.