Is the collapse of Truss’s voodoo budget even more important than we realise? UPDATED

I have been thinking. Maybe the collapse of Truss’s voodoo budget is even more important than people realise?

“But it is huge!”, you cry, “biggest story since the fall of Boris!”

Yup – I think it may be bigger than that. Way bigger.

Here is what I am thinking…

The Brexit train had many passengers; Boris to further his career, Putin to weaken EU, UK and West; Odey & hedgies for plunder; racists, xenophobes and arsonists for obvious reasons.
But driving the Brexit train was the IEA [the Institute of Economic Affairs – a right-wing, libertarian think tank, funded by who knows who… Ed] and its political wing, the ERG.

What was their destination?

Their destination was a libertarian utopia: a Britain of small government, low tax, zero regulation, trickledown economics, Singapore-on-Thames, and above it all a cognitive elite of “sovereign individuals”, like gods in Lear jets.

It was a 50 year journey for the IEA. They had to infiltrate the Tory party and drive out the Ted Heath corporatists and the one nation MPs and gentleman farmers. They had to invade the BBC and corrupt it from within.

Likewise, they had to colonize the mainstream media – previously respectable newspapers, like the Telegraph, were turned into comics – and use them to whip up populism and violence.

They had to attack and weaken every UK institution: judges, civil service, the BBC, the Queen, regulators.

Businesses were threatened and intimidated into silence, broadcasters were gagged, truth suppressed, lies sprayed around like a loose fire hose. The UK’s international reputation trashed. Post war rules-based order abandoned. Peace in Northern Ireland threatened. Scottish union tattered.

The IEA/ERG unleashed this whirlwind of destruction, tended and fanned this bin-fire of national self harm for decades, destroyed prime minister after prime minister just to get to the destination they arrived at 38 days ago: their very own people in No.10 and No.11 Downing Street.

At last Britannia could be unchained: massive tax cuts to the rich, vast transfers of wealth to Shell, BP etc, a bonfire of the regulations, charter cities!

This was the prize the IEA had worked for! The end that justified the means.

And then it turned to sh*t in five minutes.

Because it was always utter nonsense. Trickledown doesn’t work. Sovereignty in an interconnected world is a mirage.

And the cold-eyed financial markets could see in 10 seconds flat what had been invisible to all the IEA/ERG fantasists for 50 years.

Even the morons in the ERG must realise they have blown it now. They will never, ever, get this chance again. The Tory party will be slaughtered at the next general election and, anyway, we have seen how the markets react to “Reagonomics without the world’s reserve currency”

As they stand here, on the scorched earth of 2020’s Britain – amongst the devastation they wrought – the ERG have just seen the reason for it all vanish before their eyes, like Napoleon gazing upon Moscow in flames.

I hear that IEA jihadi Truss is depressed. I’m not surprised.


Brexitism was basically a millenarian movement, like the John Frum cult, or Xhosa cattle killers.

The IEA & ERG cultists believed Truss’s ghost dance budget would cause the God Of Free Markets to make us mighty. Like our ancestors in their Spitfires.

But the GOFM said NO!

So where do the cultists go from here? Their fantasy was burst by their own sacred free markets in the most brutal and public way imaginable.

Their millenium has come and gone and no spaceships arrived. Also, they've given away their homes and told their employer to GFYS.

Seriously, where do they go from here?

My guess is they will double down and blame lefty woke transgender remainers (in Islington), who angered the gods by not belieeeeving in Brexit.

But also their influence will wane and hopefully die. Fingers crossed, eh?