Is the UK the modern day Titanic? Letter to the editor

Meme by @LaughAtlantic

Dear West Country Voices,

The Titanic was advertised as being unsinkable.

Its owners, the White Star Line, were facing great competition from Cunard in the burgeoning market to transport folk to the USA. Not just business men and rich people, but also those leaving for a new life.

The Titanic had to be built as quickly as possible to satisfy the shareholders. Little did those passengers know that flaws in design and materials would lead to the awful tragedy that happened on its maiden voyage.

In 2016, the UK public was offered a chance to take a voyage into a ‘new world’ of opportunity and to re-discover their leading role as an independent sovereign power on the world stage through Brexit.

Like the Titanic that has gone down ever so well!

The ship’s captain EJ Smith refused to slow down the ship despite warnings about icebergs. May and Johnson pressed ahead with Brexit despite warnings from most economic experts.

The ship did not have enough lifeboats for the passengers and crew. The UK did not have enough trade deals to make up for obvious losses with trade with the EU, or indeed the infrastructure to conform to the new rules or regulations.

The White Star Line never really recovered its reputation. It’s hard to see what the UK can do now to restore trust internationally.

Only this week Rishi Sunak has re-organised his cabinet composed of failures, incompetents, bullies and liars.

I am reminded of that infamous expression highlighting futility:

 ‘re-organising deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic


Ian Jacques