‘Language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 1930s’ ? Michael Rosen offers a starter check list

Silence equals complicity. Photo by Alisdare Hickson, Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of words have been said in reply to Lineker. It interests me that hardly anyone has looked closely at what terms and phrases were being used in Germany in the 1930s to see if they match (or not) what’s said today by Ms Braverman. I offered a list, meant only as a starter.

Originally tweeted by Michael Rosen 💙💙🎓🎓 (@MichaelRosenYes) on 20/03/2023.

Editor: Michael wants to make it clear that this

“was only ever meant to be a ‘starter’ or a list of suggestions for people to follow up. And also that it’s a focus only and purely on words and language. Please be warned that there are people on all sides of the argument who want to say that even to suggest comparing words is a way of saying that the government are people who carrying out the Holocaust.

Far from it, this is only an attempt to look at how governments of any kind, try to dehumanise and delegitimize people and find ways of avoiding due process and the courts.”