“Let the adults take over” says business owner, as his supply chain collapses

Daniel has an update on his thread explaining why Brexit is a total fiasco:

“We are now 23 days into 2021, here is my second thread on how #brexit reality is holding my business back currently, as I watch the wine supply chain collapse before my very eyes.

Following on from my thread last week I was more than keen to resolve the issues I was having. With now famous #CHIEF computer declaration system, I again spent time checking the coding but sadly to no avail.

On Monday afternoon I was thrilled to receive a call from an extremely helpful HMRC senior officer from CDS/Chief team. She requested screen shots, which I supplied quickly, and she promised to reply as quickly as possible adding they were extremely busy with help enquiries.

Fast forward 48 hours and some considerable time with Chief technicians, using my exact data, the two problems were located. So at this point I was bizarrely pleased to know my data was indeed correct all along.

As I suspected the Chief system it’s self had a coding error and the advisory information where to put the new information for EU tariff codes was indeed incorrect on the government own website.

The coding error has been a problem with chief for decades I was advised. I was then told if you enter data into certain boxes & you then remove the data because it’s in the wrong place you need to reset that box by press control F7. This information is not in any manuals.

Secondly the Tariff codes for an EU declaration can only be enter in one part of Box 44 on #chief (at item level) not Header Level. The advise on HMRC website didn’t say that and has now been updated directly because of my issue.

On the 20th January we finally got our first successful tariff free C88 💥. Now to find a lorry to collect stock. After doing this job for 29 years I know pretty much all the wine logistics companies. So after a few calls it was clear they are also having some problems.

My regular logistics partner has suspended their service completely from the EU to the U.K. until February. These guys operate in 31 countries & know how to move stock quickly, but the paperwork nightmare is just too much for them. They don’t have the time to waste frankly. 9/22

I then called one of the biggest wine logistics companies who handle over 70 per cent of all wine movements.They confirmed they were having major issues with stock crossing the channel. Whilst they would collect my orders they didn’t know when they would able to move them in the UK.

I was then advised that due to the backlog of stock in their depot in Belgium that no further stock would be collected this week (just past) and probably next week as well.

I have now moved over to a third wine specialist logistics company who have been getting limited stock across the border. They confirmed, as I knew, that the problems have been 100% paperwork related. The only way they have succeeded is by controlling all the documents.

Now bearing in mind pre-Brexit I paid nothing on EU customs declarations and now that bill is over £150 per consignment, this cost is going to be passed on. But secondly the shortage of trucks willing to make the journey is also putting huge pressure on the supply chain.

I now hope, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, to start seeing stock from early February. My orders with producers were placed as far back as December. So from what was a 7-10 days turn around has become a 5-6 week turn around. Another of those Brexit dividends.

Another observation is the change in VAT collection on EU imports. Before VAT for EU importers was a paper exercise on a vat return. However now you have to pay as you go and then reclaim it back each 1/4. I asked a HMRC vat officer about this.

He told me that these were indeed the new rules and that the green certificates were being phased out in preference for a online version. However as a country we are paying for a system that collects money to then pay it back again. Why are we doing this?Total waste of time!

All the way along this trip in past few weeks HMRC, the logistics companies and various call centres have all been doing their best. I don’t lay the blame at any of these people or organisations door, for what is an almighty clusterfuck.

All of these people interestingly all say the same thing. We were not given the time required to adjust to the deal agreed on the 24th December, and to put the systems in place to avoid the chaos that is now unfolding. Moreover it will be more difficult to resolve now.

To date the not one government official has apologised to business for this mess of their creation. In fact they have actually criticised businesses about not knowing how to complete Chief forms. The forms that had the wrong information displayed on government websites 🤦🏻‍♂️

Moreover I should add Chief was meant to be replaced by CDS years ago, but the government have not put the resources in to make this happen. This is yet another failure on their part and a point a very senior member HMRC agreed with just yesterday.

We must all remember that the PM has been institutionalised all his life. He has never run a business and had to make a profit to pay his bills. He really thinks you pop down to the Bank of England and demand money for anything. Well, apart from starving children of course.

I think it’s time this government start apologising for the mess that Brexit is causing to the wider U.K. economy, and start putting things right or move over and let the adults take over. Ends.

Originally tweeted by Daniel Lambert (Wines). 🇪🇺🇫🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🍇🥂 (@DanielLambert29) on 23/01/2021.