A personal perspective: time for us to live up to EU values

I was really upset to read a tweet from Byline Times Peter Jukes saying that he had seen the vindictive side of remainers/rejoiners in their extreme and ugly reactions to Byline TV’s video on the farmers. I am as devastated and heartbroken about Brexit as any one, but that does not make me want to celebrate the suffering of those who were conned into thinking Brexit would improve things for them.

The only people I want to see paying the full price for the terrible crimes they perpetrated on this country are Brexit’s architects and proponents – people like Murdoch, Elliott, Cummings, Farage, Johnson, Gove, all the Brexit-cult MPs or all those who for the sake of their own political careers suddenly got the Brexit religion. Tim Wetherspoon et al? Yes. Let them reap the whirlwind. But the victims of the conmen? No. Not if they have realised their mistake.

If we are ever going to rebuild our broken society and take back control from this bunch of lying, corrupt charlatans, we need people to change their minds… and that means those who voted leave realising that it was a terrible mistake. We need them on our side to fight to stop the dire consequences of Brexit which threaten us all and will wreck our country’s and our children’s future.

What is to be gained by being nasty about farmers or fishermen? Not all of them voted to leave, anyway! And even if they did, changed minds should be welcomed, not scorned or vilified.

We should be reminding ourselves of the values which are now lost or under attack. We need to save our anger for those in power who are undermining these values, every one of which is being targeted by this authoritarian government.

  • Human dignity
  • Freedom
  • Democracy
  • Equality
  • Rule of law
  • Human rights

Am I still angry with those who won’t admit they were wrong or still buy into Brexit? Yes! Will I ever accept Brexit as a concept? No! It was, is and always will be an evil manifestation of an evil ideology. Will I ever embrace an unrepentant xenophobe? A white/British exceptionalist? A racist? A homophobe? No! Never. But farmers and others who have changed their mind and are willing to admit as much? Yes! Let’s welcome them with open arms. Let’s show them how true patriots act in the best interests of their country and fellow citizens. We need them on our side. The more, the better. Time is running out.

Thank you for reading.