Partygate: letters to Conservative MPs

Cava” by cyclonebill is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Here is a sample of the letters MPs will no doubt be receiving today and for days to come. The anger is not going to go away and the fact that the Conservatives feel they have no one to take Johnson’s place merely adds yet more insults to the very many injuries.

Attention Mr Jupp MP [East Devon]

I rarely write to my local MP but I feel I must contact you. The party you represent is not the party I once voted for. It has been taken over by right wing fanatics (in many cases by former UKIP members, locally) and nationally by the ERG and others only interested in protecting their own interests at the expense of ordinary people.

The amount of funding from Putin linked oligarchs is now more public, and it is clear that your puppet leader and the right wing members of the Parliamentary Tory Party are to a greater or lesser extent in his grasp.

I don’t know where you fit into this ugly scene, but by not standing up against Johnson and his gang you are complicit in the crimes being committed. This will eventually catch up with you and you and your party will never be forgiven.

I don’t ask for a reply unless you can publicly stand up and be counted as a decent Conservative and not the meek Johnson follower you appear to be.

Brian Taylor, Sidmouth

Dear Sheryll [Murray, South East Cornwall]

Boris Johnson has been fined and found guilty of breaking his own laws and he lied to parliament about attending parties on multiple occasions.

That is a resigning matter. He has to resign or be ousted or it is damaging to the fabric of democracy in this country. 

Will you now, faced with unequivocal proof that he has broken the law and misled parliament, finally ask for his removal? Or does the rule of law and parliamentary integrity no longer matter to you?

No amount of fake apologies from him will make up for the fact that millions obeyed the laws and had to miss key events including births and deaths. This will never be acceptable. 

Carl Garner 

Dear Ms Saxby [Selaine Saxby, North Devon]

It is now clear that Johnson and Sunak have to resign, having misled parliament. Indeed, the PM has done so on multiple occasions.

They are both to receive multiple fines for breaking Covid regulations.

Please issue a letter of no confidence asap. Please don’t try the “we are in an international crisis excuse”. Putin lies about everything; we do not deserve the same.


Ian Jaques