Putin’s Brexit: letter to the editor

Image: ‘We have crushed the British to the ground’ courtesy of the author, enhanced by Anthea Bareham

Dear Editor

I couldn’t agree more with Jon Danzig’s latest article on Brexit/Putin. I took this image on a placard, on the ‘National Rejoin March’ in October 2022.

Putin acts like an old-fashioned Tsar and has even built a Louis XIV-style palace on the Black Sea coast, but he’s also a competent strategist. With the strategic aim of weakening the EU and especially the UK (a significant nuclear power), he had an interest in funding Brexit, an outcome that would achieve both goals.

In the (post-Brexit) words of Yakovenko, the former Russian ambassador to the UK,

“We have crushed the British to the ground. They are on their knees, and they will not rise for a very long time.”

Best wishes

Jim Nicholson