Resistance and hope

Photo by Luis Dalvan at Pexels
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First of all, a big thank you to all those who are reading our articles. The response has been fantastic. We’ve only been going for eight days, but already we are amplifying the reach of writers who deserve to be read, voices which need to be heard and issues which must be exposed. It’s great. We are doing what we set out to do.

Last week, I wrote a jolly, upbeat welcome. That welcome extends to all our new readers.
This week, I did not want to write a downer piece, believe me. Life is tough enough as it is, isn’t it? But I am just putting together our second edition whilst feeling sickened by the news of Johnson’s appointments to the House of Lords. Less than a fortnight after the publication of the Russia Report, we see clearly what boozy parties in Perugia get you. It really feels like we are being trolled by Cummings and Johnson.

In fact, let’s not mess about. We are being trolled by Cummings and Johnson. They’ve been trolling right-minded, law-abiding, community-spirited citizens for ages now. Super-trolling us with that ludicrous Barnard Castle stunt, rubbing our noses in it, taunting us with their abuse of power and their absolute disregard for honesty, decency or integrity. Conservatives voting away their powers of parliamentary scrutiny looked like peak troll, but I think this list of ‘ennoblement’ is a strong contender.

I imagine that many of you share the feelings of disgust and despair and that sheer, gut-twisting nausea at the whole ‘getting away with it’ aspect of this horror show. But we cannot give up. We cannot let the trolls take over. There are things we can do.

We have got some brilliant pieces coming up in our second edition – on the absence of a written constitution, on individuals who are working against our interests, on the iniquities of our electoral system. They need to be shared widely – on community Facebook pages, between friends and family and beyond.

If you have a story to tell that illuminates, provokes, educates, entertains or inspires, tell it or let us tell it for you! The current regime wants us to feel powerless and ignored. Well…we have other plans!

And, finally, you can lift your spirits by reading articles filled with hope, delight in nature and ideas for change. Celebrate human talent and creativity, the capacity for compassion and altruism. We hope to bring you joy, as well as to challenge and inform.
Thank you for being with us!

Oh…and do sign this petition! MPs may have thrown away an important chunk of sovereignty, but we must compensate by making as much noise as we can!