Send this corrupt, contemptible government a message by voting in the council elections!

Meme By Alex Pilkington

We are at a very dangerous point for our democracy. We are not being shelled, starved and murdered by Russians, but we are being cheated, lied to, gaslighted and exploited by the most corrupt, mendacious and cruel government seen in our lifetime.

Johnson is so greedy for power and so utterly contemptuous of truth and the rule of law, that he intends to bulldoze on, supported by a bunch of sycophants who know that their political careers are over once this tawdry house of cards collapses.

These people are wrecking our country and wrecking our lives. They need to be shown that this is not how we do things in the UK. We do not tolerate lies and corruption; we will not put up with “the one rule for the plebs and another for those in power” approach; we will not stand by and let them undermine and pour scorn on every institution and value which holds our society together.

Johnson, Sunak and the rest are not above the law. They cannot act like oligarchs, autocrats, tyrants. We cannot allow them to do so. This is not Russia. Yet.

We aren’t going to let them get away with this, are we? On May 5, we can all send a message to the Conservatives to say “Not in our name. You do not represent us. You will not represent us. We will not vote for you. You are not worthy of our vote. You are unfit for office.”

It maybe that the diseased Conservative tree will not fall of its own accord, but we can attack it from the roots. Vote in the council elections on May 5. Vote anything but Conservative. Old school. one nation Conservatives are surely questioning how they can continue to pledge loyalty to a leadership which has destroyed every last shred of decency. Surely?

The fish rots from the head. The stench is in the air for everyone to smell and it’s making us sick.

You can sign this petition.