Sheryll Murray – Johnson’s puppet

Copyright Ken Robertson

We’re part of an ever-growing group of constituents in South East Cornwall who are very unhappy, frustrated and often angry at our ineffective MP Sheryll Murray. She is one of the 211 sycophants still supporting Johnson and they all need to be named and shamed. How on earth can anyone walk amongst their community knowing that they are protecting a liar?

 However, it’s not just her puppet act that annoys us. She also fails to engage in any meaningful way with her constituents whom she is paid, by us, to represent. She also blocks people who disagree with her. This is not democracy in our book.

She tweeted her support for Johnson early in the morning on Monday, so had no intention of paying any attention to the many emails she will have received on that day, and had already received since he’s been in office, wanting Johnson out.

She claims, in her ridiculous replies to our letters, to make a note of our views. The only note she makes is to dismiss them contemptuously, without specifically answering any question we put to her. This is not how democracy should work.

 The people of South East Cornwall must come together to let her know that she does not represent our views locally or nationally. One of our group has launched a petition to this effect. Please add your signature here. You can also keep abreast of further comments and developments here.