The sewage scandal: letter to the editor

Shingle beach at Weston Mouth, Sidmouth, Devon. Photo by Philip Halling, Wikimedia Commons 

Dear West Country Voices,

We have beautiful beaches in East Devon; Weston Mouth, in particular, is very special to me: pristine, crystal-clear water and I have enjoyed swimming there all through the year.

Photo by Paul Adams

I am very sad that since sewage has been pumped into the sea; ALL of the beaches in Lyme Bay are now polluted and the authorities advise against swimming in the sea.

I will not swim there now, as the likelihood of an ear infection and illness is very high.

This makes me very sad,not just for swimmers but for marine life, too.

There are crab and lobster pots dotted along the coast, scallops and fish: so sewage bacteria will pass to the human food chain.

This Conservative government voted to allow water companies to do this because it will not invest in capacity and profits have to be maintained without investment.

For this reason alone, we must not vote Conservative at the next General Election.

They have permitted the chronic abuse of a very precious wild space.

Editor’s comment: MP for East Devon, Simon Jupp, was one of 268 MPs to vote against a Lords’ amendment which would have stopped South West Water pumping sewage onto our beaches and into our rivers. Neighbouring MP, Chris Loder (West Dorset, which includes Lyme Regis) voted the same way. Unacceptable.

Spoiler alert: he did.