The truth matters, Mr Mangnall. Surely you realise that now?

If the events of the past few days have shown us anything, it is that, in the end, truth really must and will prevail. Big whoppers, small fibs – doesn’t really matter. A lie is a lie is a lie and spinning it as a half truth won’t wash.

Let’s just consider the circled text above: this is one of the highlights of Totnes MP Anthony Mangnall’s week in parliament –

“Voting to support our farmers and not compromise on food standards after the end of the Brexit transition period.”

Nice. Very noble and exactly what a rural constituency might reasonably expect of their MP. One problem. It isn’t really true, is it? Let’s walk everyone through it, Mr Mangnall.

You see, the Lords weren’t really convinced that this government could be trusted to maintain a level playing field for our farmers, growers and producers when attempting to strike a trade deal with the mighty USA (wonder how that will go, now!), so they asked for an amendment to the Agriculture Bill – Lord Granchester’s amendment 16B which sought ‘equivalence on agri-food standards in relation to future trade’ . Now, given your statement above, it might also be reasonable for your constituents to assume that you went against your government’s decision to reject this amendment. That isn’t what happened, is it? Because, look! Here you are – voting along with the vast majority of your Conservative colleagues to disagree with the amendment which would have protected our standards.

Social media can be a marvellous communication tool. Best to be honest when using it, eh?

Perhaps an apology to all the farmers and businesses who depend on healthy domestic agriculture businesses might be in order. Oh, and if you get the chance to live up to your professed commitment to our farmers, you could always vote the right way when the bill comes back again. How about it?

Truth matters.