The ultimate political tomato joke…

Image by Anthea Bareham

A man walks into a greengrocer and asks for a kilo of tomatoes.

The greengrocer tells him, “That’s £50, please, mate”.

The man is shocked.

‘£50? Last week these tomatoes only cost me £2!’

‘Well, today it is £50.’

‘But why £50? You’re having a laugh!’

The greengrocer says,

‘I’ll explain it:
– £2 for the tomatoes,
– £10 to pay for Brexit,
– £20 to pay for the Kami-Kwasi budget,
– £10 to pay the Tory donors for their PPE that never worked,
And finally, £8 to pay for Boris Johnson’s legal fees for the Covid inquiry.’

The man silently but angrily takes out a fifty pound note and gives it to the greengrocer.

The greengrocer takes the fifty pound note, enters it in the cash register and gives him £2 back.

The man says, in disbelief : ‘Wait, you said £50, right ? I gave you £50, why are you giving me back £2 ?’

“…..There are no tomatoes.”

Adapted from an old Soviet era Russian joke.