The warning signs we simply cannot continue to ignore

Photo by Garry Knight

In the wake of Steve Bray’s threatened arrest, this article counts the warning signs the UK has largely ignored. And shows what we can do about it.

When Johnson first pulled together a cabinet of market fundamentalists, most people ignored the risk of a constitutional crisis.

Most of us ignored Philip Hammond’s warning about “extreme right-wingers” and radicals wanting to use the shock of Brexit to reorder society against the wishes of the British people.

Most of our media claimed last year’s Queen’s speech was ‘thin.’

So we ignored the danger signs.

We ignored all the legislation that followed, systematically dismantling the checks and balances on government power.

We ignored Ken Clarke’s warnings that we were getting dangerously close to being an elected dictatorship.

Many of us did not take the Police Bill seriously; not quite realising that the right to be a little noisy in a protest is an important human right.

So we ignored the dangers.

When the law came into force, we saw the government use it to shut down a one-man protest, as that protest is beginning to gain traction.

That is more like a dictatorship than the democracy we have been in the past.

Will we ignore that?

The Government now has a “Human Rights” Bill, which will remove many of the rights we have had in the past.

Will we ignore that?

We are perilously close to the cliff edge.

Will we continue to ignore the warning signs?

Or will we recognise that – as last week’s by-election results showed – this government is much more fragile than it wants us to believe.

And working together, we can resist and unseat them.

We can intensify the pressure on Johnson to go and ensure progressive parties win the next election.

And we can reverse direction and make Britain a country we can be proud of.

If you think you might like to help, sign up and join the 99% Organisation.

And support Steve Bray!

Please sign Liberty’s petition. Ed