Today’s misleading statement re trade deals and why it matters

Liz Truss is the master of mis-selling. Yesterday she was crowing over a ‘continuity’ deal with North Macedonia, seemingly blissfully unaware that the clue to the deal’s lack of newness was in that key word – ‘continuity’.

4 December and she’s boasting that we’ve traded 365 days of unfettered access for all UK citizens for 90 days for a select few. Whoopie-flipping-doo.

Is this a real issue or are we nit-picking? Imagine how it reads to those who cannot or will not accept that Brexit leaves us poorer, weaker and more vulnerable to the big guys or those who aren’t aware of what is going on and believe everything spouted in the media?

That’s why it’s important to call attention to this mis-selling of Brexit damage as a Brexit benefit.

Is it as bad as the vaccine lie? No. But it’s bad and a symptom of a well-entrenched culture of deceit and ugly populist exceptionalism (see Gavin Williams’ infantile comments on 3 Dec). We need to call it out everytime. Everytime.

Here is one of many brilliant responses to Ms Truss’s inappropriate gloat on Twitter:

We want our nation and its people to succeed, be happy and thrive. Of course we do, but eternally bragging, bigging ourselves up, lying and generally rubbing our best friends and neighbours up the wrong way will do us no good. It sets us up to fail. And as for our global standing? At best, we’ll get a kind of global ASBO. At worst, we will be shunned, isolated and excluded.

We need honesty, candour and pragmatism, not this razzmatazz of insulting tabloid fodder junk. They think they’re getting away with it. Write to your MP. Tell them you see all this garbage for what it is.