War in Gaza – letter to the editor

10 October 2023 Photo by Al Araby (Q25453791) Wikimedia Commons

Dear Editor,

All war is terrible.

For me, it’s all the worse when, in the face of human suffering, we stand by silently.

As Bob Dylan said long ago, “Pretend that we do not see”.

But then in this case, we know only too well that Gaza is under siege, with the debris and casualties of daily bombardments on our TV screens every day.

So distressing. So deeply traumatic for the people of Gaza.

Yet in the face of this daily horror, what troubles me all the more is that we see no initiative by the UK government or, as far as I know any UK-based international charity, to launch British supply convoys to Gaza with desperately needed food, medical supplies, and whatever else people need to survive.

We know it is near impossible to get supplies into Gaza, but the point is we try and, in doing that, signal to the world that British people, whatever governments have to say, will not stand by whilst civilians in any war zone are in the most desperate need.

Every time there is a major catastrophe in the world, war or natural, we send aid. In the case of Ukraine we have taken in many hundreds of refugees. Surely now we should be helping the people of Gaza crying out for relief?

Personally, as I believe is the case with millions more around our country, I cannot stand by any longer and simply do nothing. It is all far too upsetting, as is being expressed in so many huge protests around the world, and through the UK, including Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, and Bournemouth. 

This is not to take sides. Palestinian people are suffering. And so are Israeli people. An endless cycle of violence breeding violence. But then on the most basic humanitarian grounds the least we can do, and surely must do, is all we can to get desperately needed aid to the civilian population.

We cannot resolve all world’s geo-political issues, but we can help resolve human suffering and in that I would hope find our common humanity, world-wide. 

Jeff Williams