We are being gaslighted by this government and WE are paying for the gas. UPDATE on Sunak’s scam

“Gas ring” by ☺ Lee J Haywood is licensed under CC0 1.0

STOP PRESS! See end of article for a shocking revelation, courtesy of Martin Lewis!

This duplicitious, damaging and increasingly desperate government are past masters of the gaslighting technique….manipulating us so that we begin to doubt our own sanity, begin to doubt what is truth and what fiction, begin to doubt the evidence of our eyes and ears. We are bombarded with soundbites, wild claims and promises that all sound so good, until we read the small print or learn the facts.

“Our prime minister told us we’d have cheaper gas bills after Brexit & they went through the roof. He told us unemployment has fallen by 440,000 when it’s actually risen by 600,000. He told us crime has fallen by 14% when it’s actually risen by 14%. These are called lies.”

Rick Hale, Twitter

Make no mistake. We are all being CONned. Massively.

Take the big lie that this government is bringing down the cost of living. Here is Oliver Dowden’s outrageously disingenous meme:

And the rebuttal, courtesy of Sadie Parker:

Meme by Sadie Parker

And the figures:

Even GB News get it:

G7 growth rates:

  • France 3 per cent
  • Italy 2.6 per cent
  • Germany 1.7 per cent
  • Canada 1.3 per cent
  • UK 1.1 per cent

Does that look to you like we are the fastest growing?

No? Me, neither

Meanwhile, multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak will not introduce a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies because ‘it will put off investors’. This on the same day that Shell anounce a four ( not fourteen) fold increase in profits. They are laughing at us. Again.

God forbid we should upset investors! No. Let’s give people the freedom to choose between food and freezing, but tell them that they are better off under this government with all the bountiful Brexit benefits and levelling up generosity, proving that the ‘people’s priorities’ are front and centre.


This will be worse than austerity, worse than the financial crisis.

People need to know.

Let’s tell them.

STOP PRESS: It is hard to believe that Sunak’s enforced loan is legal. Martin Lewis explained:

“Just to clarify in practice the £200 bill-credit ‘loan’ on all home electricity bills in October – every bill will reduce by £200 – every bill after Apr 23 increases by £40 a year for 5 years regardless of whether you got the £200 or not. It’s a 1 year bill reduction followed by a 5 year compulsory levy.

To all those asking “what about if you’re fixed?”, “what about prepay” or “can you opt out?” My use of the word EVERY is not accidental. This is not optional. It applies automatically with no opt out to EVERY residential electricity household in England, Scotland and Wales.”

Martin Lewis

“Regardless of whether you received the £200 or not” SO…you may have been renting, or sharing, or a student but once you have your own home and your own bill, you will be paying a £40 levy for however many of the 5 years remain when you take on that bill. WHETHER YOU GOT THE REDUCTION OR NOT.

How on earth is this deemed fair or legal? Write to your Conservative MP! Ask them what they think they’re playing at!