“We need to wake up to what’s happening.” Letter to the editor

Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak Wikimedia Commons

Dear Editor,

The extract below is from the Holocaust Encyclopaedia.

Just substitute the word ‘Jews’ and ‘Nazi’ for refugees and Conservatives and you have the basis of the Tory government campaign against the refugees crossing the channel.

‘The use of propaganda and laws to define the enemy as a cohesive group was a key factor in achieving the goals of the Nazi regime.

These campaigns incited hatred or cultivated indifference to it. They were particularly effective in creating an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Jews.’

There is no such campaign against any other group of people coming to this country. Thousands and thousands of Hong Kong people and Ukrainians. Welcomed with love and kindness.

And rightly so.

So why are we allowing this particular group to be demonised vilified and put in danger of violence against them?

Braverman is  out of control with her vicious rhetoric and ever more cruelty in the containment of the refugees.

The recent incendiary and deliberately combative comments by Lee Anderson, Deputy Chair of the Tory Party, further reinforce the lack of any humanity in the government approach.

This group of refugees are an easy target for a government dependent on a skewed sense of nationalism. They are the victims of what looks like deliberate slowing of the application process, with just a tiny two to five per cent being processed by the Home Office.

The Conservatives have decided their only hope of re-election is to secure the vote of right-wing voters, comfortable in their extreme ignorance.

This is not who we are!


South Devon

[Full name and address was supplied.]