Welcome to the Covid Fit campaign!


Hey, guys. I have been working on something for a while now, partly to feel more useful and partly to take back some control from an indifferent leadership.

Covid Fit is a campaign trying to reduce some of the risk factors associated with Severe Covid.

We are in a much better place now if we get Covid than we have been previously. Treatment, vaccines, and immunity have reduced the chance of severe disease and the complications associated with severe disease.

But we are stuck in a bit of a merry-go-round just now and our chance of exposure to Covid keeps the risk it poses higher than any other infection, across most age ranges.

There are though ways many of us can reduce the risks associated with Covid.

Together with some colleagues (and some Twitter Legends), Covid Fit will look at optimising weight, improving our level of physical activity, improving mental health, optimising some health conditions, and other lifestyle measures.

It’s not about being super-fit or losing lots of weight; it’s about getting going and moving in the right direction. Small, incremental steps towards better physical health.

Here is Part 1, with an intro and a brief section on the importance of movement.

I will post other health tips throughout the week and look out for other Twitter friends posting stuff, too.

Hope you find it helpful.

We will be updating this article as and when new ‘episodes’ or top tips are available, so keep a look out! Hit the notification bell!