“Will you use your voice in support of Ukrainians, Mel Stride?” Letter to the MP for Central Devon

Dear Mr Stride

I have been following your twitter feed with interest over the last couple of days and see nothing about Ukraine – neither support for refugees, nor any opinion on the rising crisis.  [Mr Stride has now shared a selfie on Twitter of him signing the Book of Solidarity. Ed]

The UK’s response has indeed been remarkably inadequate. Kevin Foster has just said Ukrainian refugees can simply apply to pick fruit here. This is frankly shameful when human beings are in terrible jeopardy. He seems to have accidentally revealed a despicable attitude in the Home Office.

I would like to know your thoughts.  

Your leader Boris Johnson recently posed for photo opportunities at ‘the front line’ of Brize Norton, and lit candles in a church. This kind of public promotion is risible. He should be joining our allies in the EU parliament, where a sensible and supportive series of decisions and sanctions has been taken. Likewise, the Foreign Office minister promotes pictures of herself on a bike with a union jack umbrella. This is not the proper behaviour of any government.  

It is no wonder that people on social media are starting to wonder about Russian donations to your party. As an important member of the Finance Committee, you must be keenly aware of this and its implications. We need to know there has been no impropriety, but at the moment it is rather looking that way to many people. Actions speak louder than words. 

Please assure me that you will use your voice and vote in support of urgently allowing Ukrainian refugees safe passage to the UK. And, if you can, explain why our government seems so reluctant to get tough on sanctioning oligarchs. We are facing nuclear threats while government ministers get pictures taken to make themselves look good. 

Yours sincerely

Rebecca Gethin