Author: Kristy Westlake

Kristy is a passionate storyteller with a Master’s in Professional Writing from Falmouth University, with background in teaching English and a BA (Hons) in Anthropology from the University of Sussex. Kristy brings brands to life through the power of storytelling. During her Master’s degree, she developed skills to use stories to communicate the true essence of a brand; to show customers why they’re unique, why they’re worth knowing about, and why a client would benefit from connecting with them.

Ghost gear: meet the heroes cleaning up our ocean’s frontline

Kristy Westlake

With our oceans quickly filling up with plastic and fish stocks dwindling, it’s time to start talking about the massive whale in the room: ghost gear. An enormous environmental problem caused by commercial fishing and fuelled by our ever-growing appetite for seafood. Kristy Westlake talks to some of the heroes on the ocean’s frontline and […]