Author: Martin Day

Martin Day is a student at Bournemouth Grammar School’s Sixth Form, in Year 13, where he is studying, amongst other subjects, politics and history. He has a keen interest in politics, both local and foreign, and hopes one day to pursue a career in the field, perhaps even as an MP.

Rishi Sunak is in trouble…

Martin Day

In fairness, it’s not an exceptionally observant point to make: anywhere you look, pundits are noting the unshakeable air of malaise around Westminster. It’s nothing compared to the death spiral of Johnson’s regime, or the barely-controlled hysteria of Truss’s brief reign of economic terror, but it’s there. The waters may be calm, but there are […]

Tobias Ellwood MP goes to school – a student writes his report

Martin Day
official portrait of Tobias Ellwood MP

November 5: Parliament Week. As the fallout from the Owen Paterson affair began to crescendo in Westminster, and Boris Johnson considered making a speedy escape north, one MP made his own trip down to his home constituency. The MP for Bournemouth East, Tobias Ellwood, visited the local grammar school on Friday afternoon to meet its […]