Author: Molly Scott Cato

Molly Scott Cato was MEP for South West England until Brexit and speaks for the Green Party on Finance. She is a Professor of Green Economics at Roehampton University.

Ending the monstrous dance of death in Gaza

Molly Scott Cato

Hamas are winning in this latest appalling round of conflict in Israel-Palestine, whilst innocent Palestinians are losing their lives. Yes, their monstrous attacks on innocent civilians in southern Israel have been condemned by almost every country in the world, but they have surely reinforced their standing amongst extremists and bolstered their recruiting. What does a Hamas commander care […]

Clownfall and Brexit

Molly Scott Cato

There is no question that the fates of Boris Johnson and Brexit are inextricably linked. It is impossible to imagine that the UK would have abandoned its 40-year relationship with the EU had it not been for this young journalist making his name through inventing nonsense stories about the Eurocracy and for the same man, […]