Brave new world

Image by Mr Rushforth

Sunak needs the ballast of the far-right and is curiously-led by the angry wasp that is the ERG – currently supporting the unfathomably unpleasant Suella Braverman.

Sunak has said nowt. Just perfunctory praise for the most bafflingly re-appointed Secretary of State in political history.

Attacking asylum-seekers with firebombs is terrorism.


This goes unmentioned across the media – currently obsessing on what to call it all.

The stench of the Cameron/Farage lingo rings out. And it’s a dreary revisit: ‘small boats’, ‘invasion’ – it’s all in there. Heath sacked Enoch Powell for less.

There are men, women and kids rotting in an overcrowded, razor-fenced enclosure in Kent. They have no idea what comes next and, without the amazing small groups of volunteers, scant provisions. Family units are terrified of being separated and the media is highlighting (gaslighting) the ‘furore of local angry residents’.

The so-called ‘processing’ stages of ‘new arrivals’ is non-existent and last on the current Tory playlist. There is no processing. At best, a basic ‘port reference’ database is all that is offered.

 The rule-breaking Home Secretary has delivered one of the most defiling and plain nasty speeches ever heard in the chamber.

This is no Conservative party. This is UKIP without the edifying blunders, the BNP without the suits, Britain First without the skins. And it’s certainly The Brexit Party (remember them?) – rather dressed up now, as the party with ‘vision, compassion and a keen urge to protect.’

Smells like 1938.

Telegraph tosspot and self-interested top Tory shill Nick Timothy pompously writes that ‘they’ are seeking to ‘destroy a Home Secretary’ who ‘wants what the public wants.’

What sodding public is that, Nick? The one that voted Brexit? Now the biggest oopsie in the house. Brexit. The irony fairly drips down the panelled walls.

Brexit has forbidden ‘returns’ to ‘first safe countries’ or France. The Dublin agreement would have blocked any of the hate-filled ‘we’re full’, ‘f*cking migrants’ brigade rants. Too late, racists! Too late.

Nick Timothy goes on to say that the ECHR is ‘an article of faith.’ Pardon?

Never have we needed to deal with this mess more. It feels like the end of days, dystopian and unrelenting.

Braverman’s hastily cobbled nonsense on her invading hordes, her ‘concern’, her ‘the country’s wishes’ etc…is political weaponising at its most infantile and dangerous..

And Raab’s ‘Bill of Rights’ is lurking stage right, a trump card – stealthy but not forgotten.

Fascism has never smelt so real.

It’s true, we do desperately need protection.

From the Tories.