Author: Ian Shaw

Nadine Dorries is in Birmingham – and it’s fantastic.

Ian Shaw

Sporty spice! Nadine Dorries has been temporarily removed from her very special own and very, very eager Truss-supporting (sozzers) campaignette. Nadine Dorries is in Birmingham. And it’s fantastic. A momentary diversion for this bizarre Secretary of State, now that the glitter and dust has settled on her UK-hosts-Eurovision triumph. ‘Fantastic’ she tweeted. Dorries pops the […]

Say ‘cheese’!

Ian Shaw

Accidently just watched Liz Padded Hernia Belt and her leadership bid speech. It looked like it was filmed through her tights on a Nokia and if some eager young SpAD had plonked the instructions to a combi-boiler in front of Truss, she would have given it equal credence. A curiously and suddenly profound Northernness, peppered […]

AWOL…and then some – Sunak’s flog-it mission

Ian Shaw

WARNING: This article contains strong language. Sunak slinks back through Heathrow, hoody and posture-political mask neatly in place. Ruffled and snappy. ‘Yes I’m looking at all this over the weekend’ – he told one reporter. Like a vexed dad, having to move his car cos it’s parked a bit on next door’s drive. Though I […]