Spring Bank Holiday cryptic crossword

Most cryptic crossword clues are in two parts: (i) something to indicate the answer and (ii) the word play – references to the letters that make up the answer.  However, in this crossword there are 10 theme words for which there is only the wordplay – nothing to indicate the answer other than the knowledge that it is one of the theme words.  So getting the theme early on is an advantage!

Ten clues are of a kind and are not further defined.


1     Enthralled to accompany journalist travelling round about (9)

6     A support is crumbling (4)

8     “Dummy” goes by another name, one of five! (8)

9     In a storm the RAF loathes flying at sea (6)

10 Has confused second thoughts (6)

11 Should get it back in; includes right to speak bluntly (8)

12 Colourful chap goes back to “The Fringe” (6)

15 Sahara like, topped and tailed, shifting sand (8)

16 Sea life, so it’s said, keeps one healthy (3,5)

19 Camp needs firm, strong leaders (6)

21 Fast line construction affects HS2 budget (8)

22 Member has played around! (6)

24 Regularly use thread that makes seams (6)

25 Suggestion for don, upset after suffering ennui (8)

26 Soldiers, sailors and the leader quit government! (4)

27  King gets involved with bill before firm makes a meal of it (9)


1     He works in bars and takes note of what attracts the tourists (5)

2     Midday assistance is delivered (7)

3     Short on faith? Direction needed (5)

4     Political party in debt (7)

5     Said to upset Alice’s heart, marking a low point (9)

6     Local hero is not quite right about strong drink (7)

7     Variety show with European artists, could get him a leading role (1,3,5)

13 3 (3,3,3)

14 Learner rams boat, ruins Sunday fare (5,4)

17 We hold everyone to account (7)

18 European union is upset by England (7)

20 Ruler joins short safari, travelling to find green gentians (7)

22 System under new administration kept its leaders (5)

23 In between two courses there’s an issue (5)

If you don’t normally do cryptics, try our cheat sheet to get started.