Author: Anthea Bareham

“Treating taxpayers like an ATM machine”

Anthea Bareham
Meme of an ATM reads HMRX Self-servatives

Most people seem to think that Dido Harding’s test and trace programme (NHST&T but nothing to do with the NHS) is a disaster. I won’t go into the reasons why; you can read some of it in the House of Commons committee report. Instead, let’s just look at the costs. The government allocated a budget […]

Spring Bank Holiday cryptic crossword

Anthea Bareham

Most cryptic crossword clues are in two parts: (i) something to indicate the answer and (ii) the word play – references to the letters that make up the answer.  However, in this crossword there are 10 theme words for which there is only the wordplay – nothing to indicate the answer other than the knowledge […]

Easter crossword challenge

Anthea Bareham

Setter’s favourite clue: 3 down. Don’t do cryptics? 9    Badger sought and found a cross breed(9) 10 Bill gets in through Strider (5) 11 About to sicken, I get backbone (5) 12 Anticipating it’s over, puts procedure into first half of game (9) 13 One hears of crazy dare, taken with spirit (7) 14 Takes […]

On feast and famine

Anthea Bareham

Throughout my childhood we had a feast almost every day – not just on special occasions – every day. I expect you did too. We ate meat. Almost every day. Last week I attended a Guardian online webinar, one of Fairtrade Fortnight’s events. The topic was ‘The impact of the climate crisis on global food […]

Cryptic crossword for Christmas

Anthea Bareham

Across 9              Soften up with a brew of tea that is taken around Ms Flanders (9) 10           Trim eyeshades to see the prize (5) 11           A 50:4 mix for 12,14 (5) 12,14      As D Trump digs in, church leaders are in despair for festive fare (9,7) 13,25d    Honest sounding copper is needed for 12,14 (7,4) […]