The tweet heartless Kevin Foster didn’t want you to see

[[File:Official portrait of Kevin Foster crop 1.jpg|Official_portrait_of_Kevin_Foster_crop_1]]

I have written today about the government’s callousness towards Ukrainian refugees, cloaked in a nicey-nicey, flag-sporting charade of fake sympathy. The reality is that there is NO effort being made to offer sanctuary to men, women and children fleeing the war. Patel and now Torbay’s Kevin Foster have been gaslighting the British public, pretending that they are not making it impossible for people to find safety here. They are.

Here’s Plymouth Sutton and Devonport MP Luke Pollard:

And this was Foster’s reply, which he has now deleted…and you can see why.

Luke replied:

Patel and Foster do not speak for me. I do not believe they speak for the millions of decent, generous-hearted citizens of this once great country.

All over Europe, countries are welcoming Ukrainians with open arms.

Not us.

Here, in the UK, the Russian-backed party in government is refusing to open its arms to the Ukrainian refugees from Russia’s illegal, inhuman war.

Anyone still wondering why?

It stinks.

Update: look how Patel and Foster react to the justified criticism of Foster’s tweet: