A letter to Sheryll Murray which we could all send to Conservative MPs

Dear Sheryll Murray,

I hope that you are well in these difficult times. I feel so utterly powerless to do anything so tragic.
You, however, have power as part of our parliament. Please use your power to maximize help for Ukraine. I am very concerned and frightened by how much our country is mixed up with Russian money, the laundering that goes on in London, the possible intervention in our politics, and the very close associations of many of those in power with extremely wealthy Russians, some of whom are closely connected to Putin.

Because of the above, I’m asking you to use your influence on my behalf. Please fight for more to be done at looking into ‘dirty’ money as Chris Bryant spoke about in the House the other day. Please see if assets can be frozen. I’m not for one moment suggesting that any donations and gifts to your party and members of your party have been illegal, but unless you’re giving to a charity, it is my experience in life that people who give money want something in return.

As a British citizen I find it all deeply concerning, especially in the current situation, as to the influence Russian money may be having on the independence of our democracy. I know, that you too have been a beneficiary of Alexander Temerko’s generosity. I think it would be wonderful if you could see it in your heart to donate that sum or some of your wealth to a charity such as the Red Cross to help those who are suffering at the hands of Putin. Please encourage others to do the same.

Sadly, the Russia Report was only published in its redacted form, much against the wishes of the likes of Dominic Grieve. Please assert your influence to allow parliament and , indeed, the public to know the unredacted contents of this report. The ‘people’ deserve to know so that we canake up our own minds about Russians involvement in our politics.

Lastly will you please do something about waiving our current red tape regarding visas and immigration. I am quite frankly ashamed by my government’s policies when I read the likes of this:

Elaine Scattermoon@scattermoon: Have heard a British friend from Kyiv has made it to Lithuania with his Ukrainian boyfriend but they were unable to get back to the UK together due to UKBA not granting visas, instead they are now going to Ireland, who let them both in without issue, despite neither being Irish.

I know that Patel and your party take a strong line on immigration and refugees. But now, in the name of God, it surely must be time to soften that attitude and, if necessary, ask questions later of those seeking sanctuary. Words of sympathy and prayers for Ukraine are hollow without taking practical actions. Our history, particularly during the Second World War, is something to be proud of. Churchill and Britain welcomed immigrants and refugees. We should be following that example now, right now.

Tomorrow might be too late. We still have the blood of so many Afghans on our hands.
These are humanitarian, cross-party issues, and should have nothing to do with political point-scoring. I am thankful and amazed by what I see other countries doing. We were a great nation. Help us be great again by ensuring that we lead by example. We need to reach out in any way we can to those suffering at the hands of a lunatic.

I am not only asking for your assistance in this matter, as I can do little except donate money to aid charities, but I am also asking for a reply that details what is being done by you and your government in the light of the above.

I am so distressed by what is happening that I am begging you for a proper response. That would assist me greatly, especially as I constantly struggling with depression and anxiety. We may disagree on many things, but I am your constituent. Please show me some compassion too.

Kind regards,
Nicola Tipton