Author: Nicola Tipton

Open letter to Sheryll Murray and all Conservative MPs

Nicola Tipton

Dear Mrs Murray, On Monday, the following petition was debated in Westminster Hall: Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government Call an immediate general election so that the people can decide who should lead us through the unprecedented crises threatening the UK. More details: Sign this petition 645,670 signatures Unsurprisingly, […]

Put on your thinking caps! Letter to the editor

Nicola Tipton

Dear West Country Voices, Like many others up and down the land, I was delighted by the news of Boris Johnson’s resignation. It has taken long enough. However, my euphoria has rapidly dissipated as I have forced myself to witness the pathetic farce of the leadership race. Even referring to it as a ‘race’ with […]

I see you, Sheryll Murray – a day with Steve Bray outside Westminster

Nicola Tipton
Banner: 'self-serving liars are destroying our democracy'

Steve Bray will be familiar to anyone who watches the news or current affairs programmes. His anti-Brexit, pro-democracy protests have upset the government so much (touching endless raw nerves) that Priti Patel even tried to write a specific clause in the Policing Bill to outlaw his presence. You might wonder what he does each day, […]

“You don’t speak for me!” A letter to Sheryll Murray MP

Nicola Tipton
Sheryll Murray

I have long been incensed by politicians, particularly members of the current government, claiming they know what the ‘public’ want and the ‘people’ think. The Prime Minister is an expert at this: perhaps the only thing he has expertise in, along with lying and hiding in fridges. I can’t think of one single occasion when […]